Persuasive Speech on Title IX


Persuasive Outline

Topic: Title IX Is Not Fair To Males


  1. A.      Introduction:
    1. Brief over view of Title IX

–          Definition of Title IX

–          Who it effects and why

  1. Give a reasoning for both genders of why it was created in the first place

–          To make it equal for men and women in the sports world

–          Women’s rights and when they were established

  1. B.      Title IX does not make it fair for men:
    1. Men should be able to play women’s sports if women are allowed to play men’s sports.

–          Are women scared of men?

–          Women might not give themselves enough credit athletically

  1. It is limiting other male sports from starting even if women don’t show the same interest.

–          Some D1 schools want to start male teams that will compete competitively but can’t due to title IX

  1. Title IX should have some rules changed:
    1. Schools should have a limitation on how many sports each gender can compete in but it shouldn’t be the same amount.

–          If a school feels they will have success in a few more male sports rather than women sports, they should not feel tied down by title IX.

–          It also goes the other way saying if a school feels they will have more success with more female sports, they should be allowed to be created just as well.

  1. I feel title IX is a good thing it should just be reviewed:
    1. Title IX is a good thing there should just be different, more lenient limitations.

–          Schools should be able to add a few more sports in each gender if they feel they will have success. 

  1. I am not saying I discriminate girls’ sports because I feel both men and women should have this leniency in their schools to have a few more sports than the other.

–          I just feel both amount of sports should not have to stay exactly the same.   

  1. Changes I want to make to Title IX.

–          Limitations on the amount of sports each gender can have at a school.

–          The right for not only females to play male sports, but also males to play female sports; It should be open more ways.

  1. Conclusion:
    1. Reviewing the current Title IX.

–          Its rules set in place

  1. If we do this we will see more equality in athletes.
    – Women will feel equal to men since they are playing the same sports with them.
  2. Schools will have the ability to create a few more athletic programs.

–          While these new sports are being created for either men or women, schools will have to ability to get their finances ready for other sports they want to create.

–          While men might have a few more sports for a few years, the schools will have the ability to make money to finance and create more female teams.   

  1.  Review the changes I want to make.

–          If they are right or wrong

–          Do they discriminate from either male or female

  1. End with a powerful message to move your audience. 

–          Something that will motivate both male and female athletes.


Persuasive Speech Sources

Do you think Elizabethtown College should have wifi throughout the entire campus?


                I chose this topic simply because it is relevant to my audience and affects every student in the class.  Every student who does their work throughout the campus should not have to worry about if they can connect to the internet or not because that is the schools responsibility.  We and students pay a good amount of money to this school.  We pay enough where we should receive a wifi system put in place so the internet connection is the least of our worries.  Even t he either net cable system that we use is far out dated as students can sometimes witness bad connection to the internet which can affect their school work very negatively.  This will also be a great pitch for the students visiting this school as one their option for undergraduate study since wifi is such a key characteristic of a campus. 





Special Occasion Speech

For my next speech I will be talking about how I became president of the United States and what I will do once I am in office.  I will also give details on how I plan to use our military and future strategies to survive.   

Potential Topics:


  • Local news about hippos.
  • The benefits and setbacks of social media.
  • Top 7 wonders of the world.
  • 90’s R&B and Hipe Hop
  • Former Child Store

I want people to be fully informed of my topic and make sure my topics are relevant and knowledgeable for my audience.  I feel my topics are relevant to my audience and some will even be funny or very interesting.  I hope people learn multiple facts about my topic and will have a better understanding for the future.