COM105 informative speech


5 responses to “COM105 informative speech”

  1. shindkjaer says :


    Really good job with the speech, you definitely have a good contact with your audience. The topic was interesting and definitely relevant for the audience. Your powerpoint worked well though you at times looked a bite too much on it. For your next speech keep that in mind. Furthermore you spoke a bit fast at some points but then again it wasn’t a major problem. Overall was it a great speech and as audience it is clear that you are comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

  2. beavercommander10 says :

    I thought Jason presented his topic with a lot of confidence. He did his research and found numerous statistics that were both informative and interesting to his audience. He had a conversational tone of voice which allowed for the audience to direct their interest to what he was saying. It was easy to follow.

    Alex Hunter

    • beavercommander10 says :

      Im not too sure how to edit my previous comment so I just wanted to add that you had great pace. Going through statistics can be repetitive and confusing and I thought you handled it well. Great job!

      Alex Hunter

  3. geduldigd says :

    I really enjoyed your speech. I loved how much enthusiasm you had and you seemed to know a lot about your topic. Your eye contact was great and so was the use of your visual aid.

    Only thing I will say to work on was the projection of your voice. You were a bit loud. Other than that, it was great.

  4. leggieria says :


    First off, GREAT JOB! You were extremely confident in your tone and delivery. You knew the topic top to bottom and side to side. You made everyone in the audience pay attenetion and want to listen. Already knowing a lot about the topic, I was still able to take some information in that I was unaware of. You used the images in your powerpoitn very effectively. The only recommendation I have for you is that you focused primarlily on one side of the room when speaking (something I did as well). Also, try not to look at the overhead as much. It takes away from eye contact with the audience, something that you are already very effective at doing! Great job buddy.

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