Inspiration Speech


2 responses to “Inspiration Speech”

  1. beavercommander10 says :

    I liked Jason’s choice of speech. Similarly to the first speech, he provided a strong energy which allowed for all attention to be focused on him. His stern tone of voice matched the occasion and the circumstances. This type of speech requires demanding and firm tone of voice to assert confidence that is visible to the audience which Jason did well. One thing that I saw that could have been better was the hand gesture. I understood it was meant to mimic the gesture of a president, but at times it was distracting and focused my attention elsewhere. Other than that, overall well done!!

  2. shindkjaer says :

    Hi Jason,

    First of all i would like to say that i really like your speech and especially that you toke the opportunity to get creative. You have good eye contact with the audience and your voice is clear and in a good pace. Furthermore, I like the fact that you got the audience to laugh and is also show that they listened. For the next speech you though might wanna use a little less hand gesture – i know it was a mimic of Obama but it was distracting at times. Moreover, you look at bit to much on your notecards. Finally, I thought that the humor was good but at times it was over the top. This is though only my opinion and overall was it a really good speech.

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