Persuasive Outline

Topic: Title IX Is Not Fair To Males


  1. A.      Introduction:
    1. Brief over view of Title IX

–          Definition of Title IX

–          Who it effects and why

  1. Give a reasoning for both genders of why it was created in the first place

–          To make it equal for men and women in the sports world

–          Women’s rights and when they were established

  1. B.      Title IX does not make it fair for men:
    1. Men should be able to play women’s sports if women are allowed to play men’s sports.

–          Are women scared of men?

–          Women might not give themselves enough credit athletically

  1. It is limiting other male sports from starting even if women don’t show the same interest.

–          Some D1 schools want to start male teams that will compete competitively but can’t due to title IX

  1. Title IX should have some rules changed:
    1. Schools should have a limitation on how many sports each gender can compete in but it shouldn’t be the same amount.

–          If a school feels they will have success in a few more male sports rather than women sports, they should not feel tied down by title IX.

–          It also goes the other way saying if a school feels they will have more success with more female sports, they should be allowed to be created just as well.

  1. I feel title IX is a good thing it should just be reviewed:
    1. Title IX is a good thing there should just be different, more lenient limitations.

–          Schools should be able to add a few more sports in each gender if they feel they will have success. 

  1. I am not saying I discriminate girls’ sports because I feel both men and women should have this leniency in their schools to have a few more sports than the other.

–          I just feel both amount of sports should not have to stay exactly the same.   

  1. Changes I want to make to Title IX.

–          Limitations on the amount of sports each gender can have at a school.

–          The right for not only females to play male sports, but also males to play female sports; It should be open more ways.

  1. Conclusion:
    1. Reviewing the current Title IX.

–          Its rules set in place

  1. If we do this we will see more equality in athletes.
    – Women will feel equal to men since they are playing the same sports with them.
  2. Schools will have the ability to create a few more athletic programs.

–          While these new sports are being created for either men or women, schools will have to ability to get their finances ready for other sports they want to create.

–          While men might have a few more sports for a few years, the schools will have the ability to make money to finance and create more female teams.   

  1.  Review the changes I want to make.

–          If they are right or wrong

–          Do they discriminate from either male or female

  1. End with a powerful message to move your audience. 

–          Something that will motivate both male and female athletes.



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