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Guards Were Caught Sleeping at Three Mile Island


                As a security guard, your job is very simple but must be done right.  Your job is to protect the area you are covering and make sure nothing out of the ordinary is going on.  This story is very important because millions of people can be affected by lazy security guards not doing their job.  Three Mile Island had a very bad incident where they caught guards sleeping on the job.  This is not only a bad image for the organization which runs Three Mile Island, but is also dangerous for the people living in this area.  Since this is a nuclear power plant, the faculty that work there need to make sure everything is running smoothly or there can be serious consequences. 

                The fact that these guards were sleeping on the job at a nuclear power plant really frustrates me.  Maintaining control over a factory of this much importance needs to be done properly with devoted and motivated people working with this organization.  As a journalist and reporter, I would prepare by making a list of everyone I would want to interview and then find out how to reach them.  By gathering information like addresses and willing spokes people within the organization and the area would be my first task.  I would gather information about who runs Three Mile Island along who schedules of guard shifts. Gathering general information about the Three Mile Island would also give me a better understanding of how it is run and what goes on at the power plant as a whole.   

I would need a good amount of primary sources followed by a decent amount of secondary sources.  Interviewing the guards themselves would be ideal and I feel that they would agree to an interview so they can try to explain themselves and their actions to the people, almost as an apology.  Next, I would contact the “boss” or whoever runs Three Mile Island and whoever hires these guards because they are the ones who put these workers in this position.  Interviewing other guards would help the story as I would get a reaction of how the other people that work there felt about this incident.  Last, I would interview anyone who lived near Three Mile Island so that people who live in that community could have their opinions heard about the incident.  Being a guard at a place like Three Mile Island is very important since you are making a large amount of people safe, so hearing from those people will really give viewers and readers a sense of how the community feels about the incident. 

When interviewing the guards that fell asleep I would plan on hearing a sad story about how they’re sorry since this is a chance for them to apologize for their actions.  Giving them a chance to explain themselves to the public might make the viewers and readers feel better about what happened, almost as an apology.  Interviewing who ever hires these guards is very important because we need to know what it takes to get one of these guard jobs and if acceptance is too easy.  I feel that the “owner” or “owners” of Three Mile Island would say that they don’t approve of this since it gives them a very bad reputation as well.  They would want to tell the people how they are going to fix and reassure them that this will never happen again.  When interviewing other workers and guards at the plant, I feel I would hear many different stories about the sleeping guards since some of these co-workers were most likely friends.  Lastly, I would interview the people around Three Mile Island; I would really get to hear how the people of the community felt about the incident happening so close to them.  This power plant is obviously very important and very dangerous which means the people living around it want to feel safe, and having security guards sleeping on the job is the opposite of what these people want to hear.  There will be many frustrated people in these interviews but would really help prove my point that this cannot happen.  

                I feel that some of the guards would not want to be interviewed because it is embarrassing, however, some might agree so they can give their side of the story.  The guards that agreed to be interviewed would probably talk for a good amount of time to explain themselves, not to mention it would be emotional because this is putting their job on the line.  I feel the owners of Three Mile Island would want to be interviewed to tell the community that they are sorry for what happened, but also explain how they are going to fix this problem so it doesn’t happen again.  Contacting these head officials of the plant would be a challenge since they are very busy but I feel they would eventually agree.  By asking head officials of this power plant if I can interview co-workers would not only help my story but also give me a feel of what goes on in Three Mile Island and how hard the job really is.  Hearing from co-workers would give me an opinion of how these security guards act as people on a non-professional level.  I feel their story would talk about how the sleeping guards are actually good guys and really love their job.  When interviewing people in the community, I would go around near-by towns and visit local businesses and homes of people I have already contacted.  These people will let me know how the community truly feels about what happened.  I would contact everyone by both email and phone calls.

Here are the questions I would be asking each group of people for my interviews:

  • The Guards who fell asleep: (primary source)
  1. At what time were caught sleeping on the job?
  2. Do you feel any remorse for doing this? Not only for your job but the community you were protecting?
  3. How can we trust that the guards are actually doing their job and will keep doing their correctly in the future?
  • The “owner” or “owners” of Three Mile Island (primary source)
  1. Are these guards going to keep their jobs?
  2. What does it take to become a security guard at Three Miles Island?
  3. How can insure that this incident doesn’t happen again?
  • The co-workers: (primary source)
  1. Do you know these guards personally?
  2. How do you feel about security guards falling asleep at your work?
  3. Have these men caused problems at work before?
  • The people of the community: (secondary source)
  1. What was your initial reaction when hearing that security guards were caught sleeping at Three Mile Island?
  2. Has this incident changed to the way you feel about living next to a nuclear power plant?
  3. Do you feel these guards should be given another chance?


I would first thank everyone that agreed to be interviewed because they made the story possible.  After I have interviewed everyone and gathered all my information, I would break down the material and format my article.  I would make sure I knew when and where I had the interviews and also what pieces were direct quotes or just other regular information.  I would highlight my key points in my notes so that I have some idea of how the interview went and what I got out of it.  Creating biases would be a problem if I used interview with the co-workers since they could have been friends with the guards, so I would only use small pieces from those interviews so that I can still prove the point that intended.  I would use the interview with the sleeping guards first because I feel the people are going to want to hear from the culprits who made this mess in the first place.  Hearing from the guilty party themselves is what the people really want.  After that I would use the “boss’s” remarks toward the incident so that the people know how this organization is going to handle this and if these guards will still have their jobs.  The people want to hear from the person who’s running this nuclear power plant so putting them into the story is a must.  I would end the article with interviews of people in the community because this will really send a message to the public.  Now the community can hear from the people who live around Three Mile Island and get a firsthand look at how upset the community really is.  I feel that ending with people of the community would really prove the point I was trying to make and have a strong emotional ending.